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Hydraulic cylinder is an important spare part of earth moving machinery. (e.g. excavators, diggers or wheel loaders). Meanwhile, excavator arm hydraulic cylinder converts hydraulic pressure into linear motion by promoting the lifting and moving of heavy things. A hydraulic cylinder (including excavator arm cylinder) is a tube that uses hydraulic pressure to produce linear drive. Basically, the pressure of the hydraulic fluid forces the piston to move in a push or pull motion.

The reason of arm cylinder bending

When the arm cylinder of the excavator suddenly bends during operation, the owner will choose to replace the oil cylinder assembly to work quickly. After all, it may be time to replace the hydraulic excavator arm cylinders when its service life is up. What if the assembly cylinder is still bent after replacement? How should this be checked?

As a small excavator, the arm cylinder of the equipment bends during operation. The following is the cause analysis:
1. The strength of the cylinder material itself is not enough
2. The oil port overflow valve is stuck or the adjusted pressure is improperly
3. The driver has poor operating habits and improper operation

Quality excavator arm cylinders enhance life period

1. Con dấu que: high-quality brand seal can prolong service life
2. Tubes: the pipes after grinding and polishing or vertical honing shall ensure concentricity and straightness
3. Ống lót: Quality hardened steel or copper
4. pít tông: High pressure piston seal adapt an outstanding material of PTFE or nylon seal
5. gậy: induction hardening before chrome plating, so that it may improve surface hardness

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