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Excavator Boom Cylinder

The boom of excavator is a tilt arm attached to the excavator. Meanwhile, and the arm is fixed to the boom. Sometimes, the arm is called a bucket or a digger. The knuckle boom can move left and right along the machine, while the standard boom can only move up and down. Actually, the boom equips with excavator boom cylinder. This is the drive force to drive the boom to any direction. Normally, insiders call it as hydraulic excavators. excavator boom cylinder as one of the hydraulic cylinders, it is widely used in construction machinery industry. Certainly, it’s also an important actuator in the hydraulic transmission system. At the same time it is an energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

Types Of Hydraulic Cylinders

Depending on the application and industry, we also call hydraulic cylinders as hydraulic actuators or hydraulic pistons. Pneumatic actuators are often used to control processes that require accurate and fast response. This is because pneumatic actuators do not require large power. However, hydraulic actuators have a variety of directions, but the most common is the piston type. Meanwhile, these hydraulic excavator boom cylinder can be of different sizes. Additionally, excavator cylinders own different uses according to different sizes.

Materials And Specification Of Hydraulic Cylinder

TONGZHOU, as professional hydraulic cylinders manufacturer, always adapt quality materials with advanced technology to make excavator boom cylinder.

  1. Barrel/tube – Material is about SAE1020(20#), SAE1045(45#),16Mn(Q345B), 27SiMn, etc; through cold drawn, hot rolled and forged.
  2. Seal kits – Hallite, NOK, SKF, Parker, Hercules, Trelleborg, China and Taiwan made, are available to choose.
  3. Piston rod – Material is SAE1045(45#), 35CrMo, 42CrMo4, etc.
  4. EC700B 14511286 Boom Cylinder Assy
  5. 9246664 Boom Cylinder ZX330-5G
  6. Boom Cylinder 4637752 ZX470-5G
  7. Caterpillar Series Cylinder GP. – BOOM 2107076

Which Brands Of Excavator Boom Cylinders Do We Carry?

Boom cylinders have an important job to do, but they are subject to many potential failures – any of which can cause your machine to shut down and thus hinder your work progress. For example, the barrel inside the boom cylinder can crack or wear over time as contaminants move through it, or the rod can be damaged by foreign objects or overload the excavator beyond its lifting capacity. When your boom cylinder needs to be replaced, you can rely on TONGZHOU for rebuilt or new surplus boom cylinders from major manufacturers. Such as John Deere, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, Shinko and many others.

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