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Bucket Cylinder

Excavators, commonly known as “bulldozers”, diggers or even called JCBs. It is member of the construction machinery family. At present, most construction machinery is mainly driven by excavators, so it can also be used as a category of construction machinery. Especially, the excavator is mainly composed of the following parts: stick, connecting rod. Additionally, the excavators, from china BUCKET cylinder assembly supplier, also includes various transmission mechanism. Such as boom, bucket, arm consturction, hydraulic cylinders, etc. For hydraulic cylinder, we may consider about bucket cyliner, boom cylinder and arm cylinder according to its difererent function. As experted and trusted excavator parts manufacturer in China, TONGZHOU always provide quality bucket cylinder assembly products for service of oversea customers.

What are excavator bucket and hydraulic cylinder, and How it work?

Generally, the bucket is located at the end of the stick (namely it is arm as usual). And also can be used for different purposes. (e.g. general purpose bucket, rock buckets and mud bucket, etc). The excavator bucket always is connected to the arms and connecting rod. Meanwhile, the connecting piece is through the stick pin shaft and the connecting rod pin shaft. In additional, bucket cylinders are main part to drive the bucket movement and digging. The bucket oil cylinder of the excavator works through the hydraulic system. Thanks to the system including hydraulic pump, travel motor, pipeline and hydraulic oil. Absolutely, the quality hydraulic system may drive the bucket work well.

What is the construction of excavator bucket cylinders?

Referring to excavator bucket and connected oil cylinder, there is the list of main parts below. Then we will know the construction of bucket hydraulic cylinders:

– Bushing spindle ring
– Dust ring
– Cover seal
– Buffer seal
– Bush
– Cylinder rod
– Piston seal
– Anti-wear ring
– Bushing spindle ring
– Rod head
– Cylinder barrel
– Buffer ring
– Piston
– Nut
– Cyliner tail

Specification of bucket cylinders

Regarding the bucket-cylinders, there are many brands currently on sale around the world. Like Hyundai, JCB, Caterpillar, Volvo and so on. However, VOLVO has its unique advantages. It is worth recommending in terms of quality, post-maintenance, and replacement. The following is a list of some commonly used cylinders products based on the model of VOLVO. If overseas buyers need it, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service as soon as possible.

  1. VOLVO models 14696683 Bucket cylinder for EC210
  2. VOLVO models 14572519 Bucket cylinder
  3. VOLVO models 14523673 Bucket cylinder for EC460B
  4. Dipper Cylinder 14501281 EC360B For VOLVO

Conclusion of excavator bucket cylinders

Ship our BUCKET CYLINDER Assembly to over 70 countries worldwide. If you need any help in choosing the right part or want to make sure the part is the right one for your machine, then our friendly team will be more than happy to help. As China bucket cylinders manufacturer, supplier. We provide customized services, good quality and lower price, welcome to consult.

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