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Hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical equipment, which is used to impart a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. It is used for converting mechanical force into a linear motion. Hydraulic cylinder has a tube with a rod sticking out on one side. The piston separates the internal rod side from the internal cap side of the cylinder to avoid friction. Fluid is forced into either side of the cylinder to extend or retract the piston rod for smooth functioning.

Increase in investment in the infrastructure-related activities and construction activities, which in turn, rise the demand for hydraulic cylinders for material handling equipment, drives the growth of the market. For instance, according to a combined study by Oxford Economics and Global Construction Perspective (GCP), the construction industry is expected to reach $15.5 trillion by 2030. Major players, such as Eaton Plc, Romheld GmbH, and Mapro d.o.o., are engaged in developing reliable and highly efficient double-acting hydraulic cylinders in the market. For instance, Eaton Plc offers a new hydro-electric cylinder with a value integration system. It is a high performance industrial cylinder, which provides unique and cost effective solutions, to the problem of classical systems. An increase in demand for cranes and rise in concerns to reduce labor costs in various developing countries, such as India, China, Brazil, and others, are factors that drive of the global hydraulic cylinders market growth. Greater than 151mm hydraulic cylinders are largely used in automated equipment, haulers, robotic trucks, and excavators, owing to high demand during the mining operations. A rise in investment in infrastructure related activities and mine sites on constructions in countries, such as India and China, fuels the growth of the market.

Major companies, such as Caterpillar Inc, Parker Hannifin Corporation, and others are engaged in providing technological advanced hydraulic cylinders to the market. For Instance, in March 2018, Parker Hannifin Corporation launched a new version of its single-acting telescopic (SAT) hydraulic cylinders for the dump truck market. The new SAT cylinder features 25% increase in operating pressure to 2,500 psi (127 bar) for improved strength and performance. JARP Industries, Inc. acquired Ordered Motion Systems, Inc. to focus on repair and manufacturing cylinders and for expansion of JARP’s presence in North America.