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Forward (Fuerde) Auto Parts Co.,ltd is committed to providing customers with the best quality service. Our company focus on Japanese and Korean auto parts, European and American auto parts, domestic auto parts. Products include: suspension control arm, tie rod ball, stabilizer link, etc. The company’s own factory has passed the GB/T 19001-2016/ ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification, our brand “FEDBJ” “CTRFED” “SUORUIKE ” has reached the national quality standards.

What Is A Ball Joint?

The ball joint consists of three main sections: the ball and stud, the socket, and the boot. Ball joints are an important suspension component that connects the control arms to the steering knuckles. The ball joint used in automobiles is similar to the ball and socket joint found in the human body. The ball joints provide a pivot point between suspension and wheels. Ball joints allow independent movement of the suspension relative to the wheel which isolates the vehicle movement from the chassis and helps maintain a smooth and quiet ride.

How Do Ball Joints Work?

Ball joints allow the steering knuckles to move in different directions while ensuring they remain attached to the vehicle. This motion allows the wheels to move up and down and side to side as needed

How To Spot A Bad Ball Joint?

Some of the major signs of bad ball joints include the following:

  1. Knocking noise when the car drives over bumps
  2. Creaking or squeaking noises when the suspension moves
  3. Vehicle drifting to the side itself
  4. The steering wheel feels loose or shaky
  5. Premature tyre weathering
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