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Excavators, are well known as diggers, bulldozers, excavators or JCB, etc. Actually, they are members of the construction machinery family. At present, most construction machinery is mainly driven by diggers, so it can also be used as a category of construction machinery. The excavator is mainly composed of the following parts: boom, stick, connecting rod, transmission mechanism, hydraulic cylinder, etc. Excavator is a kind of machinery, used to open mountains, mines, quarries, open-up wasteland, build houses, dig rivers and other heavy and dangerous work. It is generally composed of bucket type, screw-type, track-type, wheel type or crawler-type hydraulic driven chassis (undercarriage). Because of its large power and torque, its mobility, stability and reliability are higher than those of various construction machinery in the automobile industry.

Excavators in China

On March 27, 2013, the president of Siemens China and Wang Wei, the national excavator marketing director, held a discussion on the promotion of excavator products from German excavator hydraulic cylinder factory in Wuhan. Kang Shizhong, the president of Siemens China, comprehensively expounded the advantages of German excavator products at the meeting.

German products have high production efficiency and win the market with efficient products and services. Finally, the design and R&D of German products are closer to the Chinese market, thus providing more choices for Chinese customers. As quality excavator and excavator hydraulic cylinder for sale, Siemens hopes that through two months of communication, Chinese users can better understand and purchase high-quality German products. For the Chinese market, the needs of Chinese users of excavators are very important. There is the hopeness that they can stimulate new demand in the Chinese market through the two month exchange.

Excavators with hydraulic cylinder for International market

CAT 352 Excavator

The new CAT 352 Hydraulic Excavator combines greater power and heavier counterweights for larger tools. The 352 Excavator offers a choice of fixed or variable gauge chassis. The variable gauge chassis retracts to 7 feet, 10 inches. Width to make it easier to transport. 6 inches when deployed. Wider than fixed gauge landing gear for greater stability.

The CAT 352 excavator with 18 inch hydraulic cylinder has a keyless-button start function. And also is equipped with an available Bluetooth remote key. The ignition of the engine can also be done through the operator ID password. A unique operator ID quickly saves and restores individual operator joystick buttons, responses, and mode preferences. The high-resolution touchscreen display provides fast navigation through machine control and easy access to the digital operator manual.

Standard CAT Grade technology increases excavator productivity by 45 percent normally. (e.g. excavators with 3 hydraulic cylinders, or 5 stage hydraulic cylinder). CAT 2D Grade displays depth and grade on the cab monitor via an audible alarm, while standard CAT Grade Assist allows the excavator to remain on the ground through single-pole digging. Upgrading to CAT Grade with advanced 2D or Grade with 3D allows you to create and edit designs and efficiently complete more complex grading applications.

John Deere 200 G-Tier

The excavator and excavator hydraulic cylinder manufacturers of John Deere added that “Our newly expanded lineup of P- and G-Tier excavators, including the brand-new 200 G-Tier, provides machine solutions built for various applications and jobs to enhance profitability and efficiency.”

The newest member of John Deere’s midsize excavator lineup is the new 200 G-Tier. Additionally, John Deere excavator hydraulic cylinder suppliers stated that the PowerTech 4.5-litre engine on the 200 G-Tier helps improve efficiency and reliability without sacrificing power or torque, providing optimum performance for operators at all skill levels. In addition, the exhaust filter with easy maintenance and high uptime can help reduce maintenance downtime, and the auxiliary hydraulic system with adjustable flow and pressure can be easily controlled by using the auxiliary function lever.

The Powerwise Plus hydraulic management system in the 200 G-Tier combines additional capabilities with smooth control and precise skills. Through intuitive technology, the system provides on-demand power supply. Provides accurate pump flow, and the pilot control-device is metered to help provide reliable and fuel efficient machine performance. By pressing the button on the control-lever (or call joystick), the operator may increase the power. And also they can switch the automatic boom-raise and lift functions. Additionally, the optional hydraulic single pedal propulsion system allows you to move the excavator with multi stage hydraulic cylinder when needed without simultaneously articulating two handles and two pedals, making operation more easier.