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The bucket cylinder assembly, also referred to as the hydraulic bucket cylinder assembly, is an essential part of hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders. This assembly consists of a hydraulic cylinder attached to brackets or lugs welded to the dipperstick and the bucket link. The cylinder raises and lowers the bucket to perform digging, loading, and excavating tasks. As leading bucket cylinder assembly manufacturer, today, we will tell you related information of hydraulic bucket cylinder assembly.

Bucket Cylinder

Bucket cylinder assemblies are commonly double acting, meaning they extend and retract using hydraulic fluid pressure from both sides of the piston. The assembly consists of the following main parts:

  • Cylinder body – This houses the inner workings of the cylinder and provides a sealed chamber for hydraulic fluid.
  • Piston rod – The extendable and retractable part that is attached to either the dipperstick or the bucket link.
  • Piston – Attached to the rod and seals within the cylinder body to separate the hydraulic fluid chambers. As fluid pressure acts on either side of the piston, it extends or retracts the rod.
  • Seals – Located between the rod and cylinder body to prevent leakage of hydraulic fluid.
  • Mounting lugs or brackets – Used to attach the cylinder to the equipment.

Proper maintenance and inspection of the bucket cylinder assembly is critical to ensure long life and performance. Common issues to watch for include leaks, rod bending, mounting bracket wear, and seal damage. Replacing seals and rods before significant damage occurs can prevent larger, more expensive repairs.

With proper installation, timely maintenance and careful operation, hydraulic bucket cylinder assemblies can provide many years of reliable service and enhance the productivity of wheel loaders and excavators.