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Hydraulic cylinder assemblies are critical components that enable the movement and function of excavators. Reliable, high-pressure cylinder assemblies are essential for achieving optimal performance, productivity and durability from your digging machine.

5 Types of Excavator Cylinder Assemblies

There are 5 key types of hydraulic cylinder assemblies used in excavators:

  • Bucket cylinders – Actuate the lifting and tilting of the bucket. Subjected to high impact loads.
  • Arm cylinders – Provide extension and retraction of the arm assembly. Must withstand heavy loads.
  • Boom cylinders – Control the raising and lowering of the boom. Experience high resistance.
  • Swing cylinders -Rotate the upper structure, requiring high pressure and stability.
  • Stick cylinders (on larger excavators) – Actuate the stick that connects the arm and bucket.
KOBELCO Excavator Boom Cylinder Assy

Factors To Consider For Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Assemblies

When selecting or replacing cylinder assemblies for your excavator, consider:

  • Bore size and stroke length – Must precisely match the application requirements.
  • Pressure rating – Higher pressure ratings needed to handle tough excavator work.
  • Rod type – Solid rod preferred for heavy-duty excavator applications.
  • Seals – Effective seals are critical to keep out contamination and retain lubricant.
  • Certifications – Meet applicable industry standards for safety and reliability.
  • Material – Steel tubing and rod standard, with chrome plating for corrosion resistance.

Options For Excavator Cylinder Assemblies

You have several options when procuring cylinder assemblies for your excavator:

  • Genuine OEM – Designed specifically for the machine with a perfect fit and durability.
  • Certified equivalents – Manufactured to meet or exceed specs of OEM cylinders at lower cost.
  • Aftermarket – More affordable initially but often have shorter life spans, increasing total costs.

Suppliers Of Excavator Cylinder Assemblies In China

FUJIAN TONGZHOU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. manufacture high-quality certified equivalent replacements for bucket cylinders, arm cylinders, boom cylinders and more. Their cylinder assemblies:

  • Use OEM bore and stroke specifications
  • Meet or exceed pressure ratings of original parts
  • Utilize same seal types and rod configurations
  • Offer near-identical fits and functions

Summary Of Hydraulic Cylinder Assemblies

Reliable hydraulic cylinder assemblies are crucial to achieve optimum performance, productivity and reliability from excavators working in harsh conditions. Certified equivalent replacements balance cost and life cycle efficiency by providing near-OEM performance at competitive price points.