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If you’re in need of a new bucket cylinder for your EC460B excavator, the 14523673 hydraulic bucket cylinder is an excellent choice. This high-quality cylinder is designed to meet the exact specifications of your machine, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

The bucket cylinder is a critical component of any excavator, as it’s responsible for opening and closing the bucket. This is an essential function for digging, lifting, and moving heavy loads. Without a properly functioning bucket cylinder, your excavator won’t be able to perform the tasks it was designed for.

Main Functions Of The EC460B Bucket Cylinder

The bucket cylinder on an EC460B excavator performs two main functions:

  1. Lifting the Bucket – The cylinder extends telescopically to lift and raise the bucket. This requires significant force and pressure.
  2. Tilting the Bucket – The cylinder retracts to pivot the bucket at the arm cylinder, tilting the material for unloading or grading.
Hydraulic cylinder

Key Parts Of An 14523673 Bucket Cylinder For EC460B

The main components of a reputable 14523673 bucket cylinder for the EC460B excavator include:

  • Cylinder Tube: Provides the hardened steel housing. Usually chrome plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Piston: Moves within the tube and seals with rings when hydraulic fluid is pumped in.
  • Solid Steel Rod: Connects the piston to the bucket and transmission linkage.
  • Seals: Help prevent hydraulic fluid leakage and keep out contaminants.
  • Caps: Seal off the ends of the cylinder housing and retain parts and fluid.
  • Glands: Secure the rod seals in place and prevent damage.

Factors to Consider for Replacement EC460B Bucket Cylinders

When selecting a bucket cylinder for your EC460B excavator, there are several important factors to consider:

  1. Bore size and stroke length: It’s crucial to choose a cylinder with an exact fit to ensure the bucket’s full range of motion.
  2. Pressure rating: The cylinder must be rated for the high internal pressure of the excavator to ensure proper operation.
  3. Materials and finishes: The cylinder should be made from the same high-quality steel pipe and rod with corrosion-resistant chrome plating to ensure durability and longevity.
  4. Seal configuration: The cylinder requires identical seals to function properly and minimize leakage.
  5. Certification: Choosing a cylinder that meets applicable quality and safety standards ensures reliability.

By taking these factors into consideration when selecting a bucket cylinder for your EC460B excavator, you can ensure optimal performance and durability, and minimize the risk of equipment failure.