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hitachi excavator parts

Hitachi excavator parts refer to the various components that make up a Hitachi excavator, including engines, hydraulic systems, tracks, cabs, booms, arms, buckets, and more. These parts are designed and manufactured by Hitachi to ensure optimal performance and reliability for their excavators.

Some common Hitachi excavator parts include:

  1. Engine parts: such as pistons, cylinder heads, crankshafts, and fuel injectors.
  2. Hydraulic system parts: including pumps, motors, valves, hoses, and filters.
  3. Undercarriage parts: such as tracks, rollers, sprockets, and idlers.
  4. Cab parts: including windows, doors, seats, and controls.
  5. Boom and arm parts: such as pins, bushings, cylinders, and hydraulic lines.
  6. Bucket parts: including teeth, adapters, cutting edges, and wear plates.

These parts can be purchased directly from Hitachi or from authorized dealers and distributors. It’s important to ensure that you use genuine Hitachi parts to ensure the best possible performance and longevity of your excavator.

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