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Before disassembling by boom cylinder assembly supplier the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic circuit should be exhausted. Otherwise, when the high-pressure hose connected to the hydraulic cylinder is loose, the high-pressure oil in the circuit will be sprayed out quickly. When the pressure of the hydraulic circuit is relieved, loosen the main shaft or variable pressure screw at the speed control valve, unload the pressure oil, and then disconnect the power supply or power unit to stop the hydraulic control valve.

The hydraulic boom cylinder assembly supplier should avoid damage to the top thread of the piston rod, the thread of the oil hole, the surface of the piston rod and the inner cavity of the cylinder liner when disassembling. In order to prevent bending or deformation of long and thin components such as piston rods, pads should be used for balance when placing.

Disassembly should be carried out in sequence. Because china hydraulic boom cylinder assembly Manufacturer produce the construction and specifications of various hydraulic cylinders are not necessarily the same, the disassembly sequence is slightly different. Generally, the oil in the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder is drained first, then the cylinder head is removed, and then the piston rod and the piston rod are removed. When disassembling the cylinder head of the hydraulic cylinder, common tools should be used for the card key or snap ring of the internal tangential key, and flat shoveling is strictly prohibited; the flange bearing end cover must be released with screws, and hammering or hard prying is not allowed. When the piston rod and the piston rod cannot be pulled out, they cannot be pulled out forcibly, and the reason should be found out before disassembly.